Will Taking Large Amounts of Vitamins Make My Hair Grow Fast?


We get asked this question all of the time…”How can I grow my hair faster, will vitamins do the trick?” The short answer is no. There is no magical trick to growing hair fast no matter what you do. The simple fact is hair grows on average about a half inch per month. Now everyone is a little different and some may grow a little faster but not much.

You need a superb well balanced diet for healthy hair and for you body which included vegetables (leafy green), proteins (chicken, fish poultry) , fatty acids and fruits. The body thrives on these factors and a deficiency in these can throw a chink in the armor so to speak. You can supplement vitamins for a lack of vital nutrients but going overboard with your vitamin intake will not only NOT grow your hair faster it can have detrimental effects as well.

When you have unhealthy hair it can break off almost as fast as it grows in.

Hair Facts

Hair is protein plain and simple so it stands to reason a high protein diet can have benefits on hair health. Keratin is a protein that grows out of the skin follicles and makes up what we know as hair. Yes the hair you see is actually dead but the root follicles connect to the hair and blood vessels in living tissue.

You have sebaceous glands which secrete “sebum” a sort of moisturizer which conditions hair naturally and helps it grow. A diet that is subpar can affects the body and naturally the hair so it functions poorly meaning the hair can become dry, brittle and very unhealthy and can also shed more than normal. The phrase “you are what you eat” really is a true statement.

Essential Vitamins

Certain deficiencies in your diet can be replaced by vitamin intake and help maintain a healthy mane and standard growth rate. One such example is the vitamin b complex which allows the body to metabolize proteins into amino acids. Vitamin E and other fatty oil aid in moisturizing the scalp and hair promoting hair health and growth.

Vitamin A & C are good for the scalp and aid in the healthy secretion of sebum. Vitamin D (sunlight) is great for helping the body absorb calcium.  Minerals like selenium, calcium and sulfur play vital roles in coordinating with other vitamins to keep hair and skin healthy.

NOTE: remember that too many vitamins can be detrimental to your health. Water soluble vitamins like B & C are able to be taken in higher doses because they are secreted through urine but that doesn’t mean you can take as much as you want. Be cautious when taking vitamins.

Negative Contributing Factors

There are several factors that can contribute to poor health and affect nutrients in the body that include poor diet, illness, prescription medication and other medical issues. If your hair is not as healthy as usual or growing much slower then talk to your physician and you can be tested to be sure your nutritional values are where they need to be. Talk to a dietician about getting on the right track to a healthy diet. It would be good for your hair and more importantly your body.


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