Why We Chose Brazilian Blowout over other Keratin Treatments

brazilian blowout

There has been a lot of buzz lately about hair straightening treatments that include the keratin and Brazilian Blowout treatments.

Brazilian keratin treatments are popular and for good reason. They are turning out great results with a long shelf life so to speak.

At Creative Images Salon we had to make a decision on which service to introduce to our clients needing hair smoothing and frizz reduction. We simply got tired of seeing unhealthy, frizzy and emotionally distressed customers who wanted an effective solution.

After testing various products (Coppola, cadvieu etc.) , on the market it was clear Brazilian Blowout was all the rage for a reason and it’s results were quickly evident.

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The Difference

The difference is that a keratin treatment actually alters the DNA of the hair shaft by filling in the gaps where keratin (the protein that makes up the hair shaft) is cracked or damaged according to webmd.

Both procedures utilize various levels of formaldehyde to help keep the molecules bonded together on the hair which keeps it smooth.

The Brazilian Blowout treatment merely puts a coating on the hair which tames it and keeps it smooth, shiny and manageable without being frizzy or board straight and without altering the DNA of the hair.

Brazilian Blowout utilizes a protein nutrient complex fortified with amino acids and some formaldehyde (roughly 8% according to the FDA) should you choose the original formula. It smooths out the cuticle giving the hair frizz-free body and shine.

BB actually improves the health of the hair, something japanese straighteners and other relaxers simply cannot claim or do.

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Formaldehyde is something that freaks people out and honestly it’s because the media puts a horrible spin on it. If you knew how much formaldehyde you breathe on daily basis you would be amazed. It is in just about everything you can imagine because it is a preservative….Yes it is even present in an apple!

  • For those apprehensive about the use of formaldehyde don’t worry we offer an alternative. 
  • Brazilian Blowout ZERO+

The new “formaldehyde free Brazilian Blowout formula” that contains zero percent formaldehyde and has some excellent results with less frizzy, coarse or thick hair.

Caution: The ZERO+ by no means compares to the original formula and they nor we claim that it does.

The cost is much less (about $150) and takes just 60 minutes compared to the original formula which takes about 2 hours and costs about $300.

Remember you get what you pay for

It is called BB ZERO + so you can ask for it when you schedule an appt.

The fact of the matter is Formaldehyde poses more of a risk to the salon technician as opposed to the customer because the tech catches all of the fumes coming off of the hair, not the customer.

brazilian blowout zero plus


Read what webmd.com had to say about the use of formaldehyde in keratin treatments.

Formaldehyde has been linked to health problems, especially for people who regularly work with it. The main health concern about formaldehyde in keratin products has been about salon workers, not people who get keratin hair treatments – Webmd.com

Formaldehyde is actually found in most keratin and Brazilian treatments contrary to popular belief. In fact according to the FDA, the following smoothing treatment lines all contain higher than normal formaldehyde levels:

  • Cadiveu
  • Copomon/Coppola
  • Marcia Teixeira’s Brazilian Keratin Treatment
  • Advanced Brazilian Keratin Treatment
  • Chocolate Extreme De-Frizzing Treatment
  • Soft Gentle Smoothing Treatment
  • Soft Chocolate Gentle Smoothing Treatment

Aftercare Products

BB also has a line of products called Acai aftercare products which nurture the hair and help extend the life of your BB treatment. The biggest advantage to using their line of products is you know you are not using the chemical stripping ingredient in most shampoos, sodium lauryl sulfate otherwise known as sulfate.

Sulfate shampoos are harsh on the hair stripping oils and product buildup but it also takes away the Brazilian Blowout coating which in essence shortens the life of the treatment.

Tip: If you are using a “sulfate shampoo” don’t expect your BB to last very long.

Advantages of BB vs. Keratin Treatment

The advantages to a Brazilian Blowout versus a Keratin treatment are plenty.

First off you can shampoo your hair the same day if you so choose whereas a keratin treatment has to sit for 3 days on your hair.

The “in salon” time for a Brazilian is about 90 minutes versus 3-4 hours for a keratin based treatment.

Brazilian Blowout recommends you color your hair just prior to having the treatment as this “seals in” the color allowing it to last longer.

For many women, hair is everything and they will do whatever it takes to improve their self confidence and appearance. A keratin or smoothing treatment fulfills a void that has been left for years which is less drying and styling time in the morning.

Here is a list of BB Acai Aftercare products that are derived from the super nutrient Acai berry.

bb 4 pak styling kit

  • Acai Shampoo
  • Acai Conditioner
  • Thermal straightening balm
  • Acai conditioning masque
  • Protective thermal straightening balm
  • Acai instant root lift
  • Sculpt and define polish
  • Shine and shield spray shine
  • Daily smoothing serum

Creative Images Inc

Creative Images Salon has started performing Brazilian Blowouts in 2009 and can honestly say that most of our treatments result in a happy customer with a healthy head of hair.

I was a little apprehensive at first but after getting my brazilian blowout it has become a staple of what I do every 3 or 4 months. My hair simply feels and looks 100% better. Best hair decision I have made – Katie

It has been our experience that the BB Original lasts much longer than the ZERO+ and works well on more intense curls or frizz versus the ZERO+ which is really only good for less frizzy hair.

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