What Is A Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment?

What is it with ladies and their ever changing wardrobe and hairstyles? Why can’t members of the fairer sex make up their mind to either follow the trend or start one? Subjecting one’s hair to too much chemical treatment will leave the hair over-processed, dry and damaged.

With so many women having frizzy and very dry hair their have been numerous attemps at trying to keep it straight. Everything from relaxers to flat ironing on a daily basis. For many nothing seems to work and thats why so many are looking to salons for smoothing treatments.

keratin straightening treatment
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Salons have so many products and solutions to counter hair damage. One of these solutions is called the Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment and it is one of the most popular treatments for hair in the world. So what exactly is a keratin straightening treatment?

First let’s look at what exactly a keratin is.

What is Keratin?

Keratin is a very strong protein that is most commonly found in our hair, nails, skin and teeth. Most keratin that we can actually see such as hair, nails and skin is actually dead. As new cells form such is the case with hair and nails, the dead cells (the part we see) is already dead. As long as we keep the dead cells in good condition they serve as a protective layer against the new cells beneath them.

What it Isn’t

It is not the Japanese straightening treatments that were so big in the past which permanently alter the hair structure leaving it straight. Often times this caused more harm (damage) than good but women were so eager to get something done they were flocking to it.

Alternatively, most smoothing treatments of today are healthy for the hair and leave it shiny while reducing nearly 95% of the frizz. This translates into faster drying time (blow dry) and hair that guards against humidity.

So What is a Keratin Based Treatment?

Keratin works by filling in the gaps of the hair cuticle that become dry, damaged or even cracked restoring your hair to it’s original state. When mixed with certain levels of formaldehyde it can be applied and sealed into the hair via heat (flat iron) which essentially keeps the keratin molecules together forming a straight healthy bond in the hair…Voila straight hair!

How Long Does It Last

Usually, the treatment sits on your hair for about half an hour before it is blow dried or ironed to ensure that it is being spread out on your hair and is being absorbed by the hair cuticle. Depending on the thickness and length of hair, a treatment lasts from 90 minutes up to 4 hours depending on the brand, stylist and hair length, thickness.

How Much Does It Cost

The cost will also depend on the product being used. Being expensive doesn’t necessarily mean that is better than the rest of the products available in the market. What you need to consider too are the ingredients listed. There are many different brand names on the market but the cost can range from $100 up to $500 depending on the city, brand and hair but the average is usually around $300.

Keratin Treatment Brands

There are several brand names out there, here are a few of the popular names:

  • Coppola Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy
  • Global Keratin Complex
  • The La Brasiliana Treatment
  • Brazilian Keratin Treatment
  • Brazilian Blowout
  • Brazilian Hair Straightening
  • Bio Ionic
  • Bella
brazilian blowout

Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Treatment

The Brazilian Blowout Acai Smoothing Treatment is one of the more famous and popular treatments that works with all types of hair. It is the most innovative professional smoothing that has a formaldehyde free formula called Brazilian Blowout ZERO containing no formaldehyde and improves the condition of your hair through the creation of a layer of protective protein that smoothens cuticle. Ladies who had this treatment swore on its efficacy in making super straight hair.

Formaldehyde Use

  • Many treatments contain the chemical formaldehyde for its effectiveness on the hair. Brazilian Blowout has been in the public eye for it’s claims that the BB original was a “formaldehyde free” formula when in fact the FDA found trace amounts of formaldehyde. So consequently BB had to label it on their bottles and fact sheets. This has not deterred women from using the product as it’s effectiveness is extremely popular.

Formaldehyde Free

  • The formaldehyde free keratin treatments are effective but do not last nearly as long as the formaldehyde based products. The length of time is cut in half essentially for the other products without formaldehyde.

Is a Keratin Treatment Safe?

You be the judge! Suffice to say that some women are too fearful of the possible side effects from formaldehyde in the products but that being said, formaldehyde is in so many products and also the air you breathe on a daily basis that it is hard pinpoint just how dangerous it really is.

It is not proven to cause cancer in humans and the FDA has not deemed it dangerous enough to ban it’s use in products like cleaners and also hair products.


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