Treat Your Scalp Right with Eco-Friendly Hair Care Products

eco friendly hair care products

Have you ever looked at the label on the back of your hair care products and seen seven-syllable words that sound frighteningly toxic? The antibacterial preservative methylchloroisothiazolinone, the powerful surfactant sodium lauryl sulfate and silicone-derived ingredients like dimethicone are found in many shampoos, conditioners and conventional hair care products.

eco friendly hair care products

These ingredients are harsh, easily absorbed and can lead to allergies, chemical sensitivities and severe health problems. Many of these ingredients stay in your body long after use. If these ingredients aren’t good for your body, they probably aren’t good for the environment either.

Eco-friendly hair care brands like Organic Root Stimulator from Namaste Laboratories and AVEDA are made without these harsh and potentially toxic substances.

Let Down Your Hair

Eco-friendly hair products aren’t only good for your hair and scalp. They can improve hair growth, reduce hair loss and encourage long, lustrous locks. Healthy, beautiful hair starts with a pampered scalp.

Because the hair and scalp are so efficient at absorbing the chemicals that we apply daily, they are also highly efficient at absorbing natural ingredients that can improve hair growth and scalp health. Switching to products from AVEDA can correct chemical damage and restore the natural beauty of your hair.

Growing Long, Lustrous Locks

Treating your hair and scalp right is the first step to growing long, healthy hair. This starts with all-natural hair care products. The ingredients in your styling products are just as important as the ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner.

There are plenty of organic and eco-friendly hair care brands out there that formulate products for all hair types. By reading the labels and conducting your own research, you’ll be able to find the perfect eco-friendly product for your unique hair type.

Organic and eco-friendly hair care products often cost a little bit more than conventional products, but they’re worth the small price increase. Conventional products use chemicals that can be manufactured and purchased cheaply.

On the other hand, eco-friendly hair care brands use sustainable manufacturing methods and focus on incorporating natural and botanical ingredients that cost more. However, environmentally friendly alternatives perform as well as conventional brands.

Natural shampoos and conditioners enriched with botanical ingredients nourish the hair and scalp and gently lift dirt and natural oils to leave your hair looking and feeling soft, silky and shiny.

Finding the Right Natural Hair Care Products

With so many options available, finding the perfect product for your hair can be challenging. Once you find the right brand, you’ll have a wide selection of natural shampoos, conditioners, nourishing balms, styling products and organic root stimulators at your fingertips.

Read the ingredients, and review the recommendations to find a product that is ideal for dry hair, oily hair, dandruff and all types of conditions.

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect product, consult a local stylist at an organically friendly hair salon like Creative Images. These salons focus on natural hair care products from brands like AVEDA that have eco-friendly business practices.

A stylist at an eco-friendly salon will be able to make personalized product recommendations based on your unique hair type. Avoid chemical-laden hair care products with unpronounceable ingredients, and make the eco-friendly switch. If you’re going green, make sure your hair care regimen is green too.


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