The History Of Aveda Products

Aveda (a-vay-da), not pronounced (Aveeda) was founded by Horst Rechelbacher in 1978 and has been one of the industries leading companies in hair and skin care products since their inception over thirty years ago. Their mantra “the art and science of pure flower and plant essences” symbolizes everything they stand for as it relates to the environment. Aveda’s goal is to provide beauty industry professionals with organic botanically based products that are not only great for you the customer but also for the environment we live in. After all if we do not preserve this great world we live in then there will be no more you and me.

You can find Aveda’s plant based skin care, hair care, makeup and and Pure-fumes in any of their signature Aveda Stores as well as over 7000 hair salons in 24 countries.

Aveda is known worldwide having opened spas in jamaica, South Korea and Iceland in 1997.

In 1998 Aveda launched a 99% naturally derived hair color called Full Spectrum.

In 2006 Aveda opened a Lifestyle Salon & Spa in Japan.

In 2007 Aveda had the honor of becoming the first natural beauty company to be a 100% certified wind power manufacturer. Our funding of new wind energy sources generates enough wind energy to offset 100% of the electricity used by our primary manufacturing facility, distribution center and corporate headquarters in Blaine, Minnesota, USA, making Aveda the largest corporate purchaser of wind energy in Minnesota.

Also that same year Aveda raised over 2 million dollars in their efforts to be a supporter in clean water rights for earth month.

As if these milestones are not enough Aveda decides to take it a step further and annousce that 89% of their essential oils are certified organic. This is truly amazing and significant considering Aveda will purchase more than 30 tons of certified organic essential oils in one year.

As you can see Aveda is all about the environment and not only preserving it but using it to help each other and the world. What better brand of natural products to use then Aveda products.

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