The Continued Rise Of Men’s Hairstyling

cristiano rinaldo hair

A Game of Two Halves

Ah yes, the old cliché that is often trotted out, particularly about football, but also irrelevantly applied to several other sports and general aspects of life. During the recent Euro 2012 football tournament, Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo took this phrase to a whole new level.

cristiano rinaldo hair

In their opening game against Germany, Ronaldo appeared with a different hairstyle in the second half to the one he sported during the first 45 minutes. While this may not be surprising to those who follow football and flinch at this particular player’s vanity, what it does do is further bring attention to the obsession men have with their hairstyles in modern times.

From Old to New

The adage of hair “just sitting on your head and doing nothing” is now dead and buried. It is easy to spot those who remain entrenched in that belief, they are the men who have closely shaved heads and mock anyone with anything on their heads longer than inch as “pretty boys” or something altogether more homophobic.

As men have been liberated from their fashion slumbers in recent years and have turned to an altogether more expressive sense of style, hairstyling has followed. Perhaps the greatest surprise is that men have not had to be dragged kicking and screaming into getting a decent haircut, indicating that they have wanted to look great all along.

Of course, a great haircut is now accepted as being a central part of fashion in general. Even with the smartest, most fashionable threads on your back, a sub-standard trim can badly let you down.

Celebrity Influences

One thing that men will deny, kicking and screaming, however, is how their haircuts are influenced. Many will claim to choose their styles from a book in the stylists, or some even have the gall to claim that “my hair has always been like this.”

david beckham

For those that wish to be honest, they will let their guard down and say they saw Gary Barlow, David Beckham, or another prominent celebrity’s style and copied it.

David Beckham has always had extravagant hair styles and is known as one of the trendsetters in Hollywood. In fact his mother often is responsible for creating his luscious locks from time to time. If the haircut is popular chances are David is behind it’s trend has already had the style to begin with.

The Ronaldo Effect

Despite what people think of them on a personal level, the styles sported by messrs Barlow, Beckham and Ronaldo are all highly favoured among men, for many reasons.

The primary motivation is that men want to prove wrong the old adage we mentioned earlier, and a close cut at the sides with length on top gives flexibility for three or four different styles in one cut.

This can be extremely useful, particularly to those who need to look smart at work, as they can have a clean look during the week while going more wild and “moppy,” or spike their hair, at the weekend.

Men’s Hair Care Products

Whether it is looking at new styles or the money spent on hair care products, the men’s market is continuing to grow, and shows no signs of letting up soon. The AVEDA line of hair care products for men has seen a rise in sales over the last decade due in part to Celebrity’s like Ronaldo and Beckham going for the hair style of the month. Everything from Pomade to Grooming Clay has men spending a little time in front of the mirror to give their head a little style before they walk out the door.

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