Can You Do A Brazilian Blowout On Black Hair?

We get a lot of calls about the brazilian blowout smoothing treatment and many of them come from african americans asking, Is the brazilian blowout good for african american hair? The answer is yes it is!

For those that don’t know exactly what brazilian blowout is, it is a smoothing treatment NOT a keratin straightening treatment. There is a difference.

The BB puts an amino acid coating on the hair allowing it to reduce frizz and give the hair healthy shine. It does not alter the DNA of the hair. The more you shampoo the more it will wear off so for caucasian hair it usually lasts about 3 months. For african american hair it tends to last a little longer, about 4 months.

brazilian blowout on african american hair

While some treatments straighten the hair (japanese treatments) bb gives the hair smoothing shine but still allows it to be styled and curled if desired. So you don’t have to worry about your hair being board straight all the time.

NOTE: On very kinky curls such as in african american hair it will relax the curls a little so if you are wanting to keep all of your tight kinky curls then perhaps brazilian blowout is not for you. If you dont mind the curls loosening up a little then it is ideal for black hair.

Using the Brazilian Blowout for black hair is so popular because it is less harsh than some of the other traditional methods of hair relaxing and straightening. Application of brazilian blowout to black hair leaves a shine that is unmatched with other chemicals such as relaxers and perming.



If you are not sure about doing a brazilian blowout smoothing treatment on black hair take a look at this video!