AVEDA Blue Malva Shampoo & Color Conditioner Review

aveda blue malva shampoo

So we previously talked about the Black Malva shampoo and color conditioner for brunette hair which works wonders at brightening dark tones and adding shine. Now I wanna discuss the Blue Malva shampoo and color conditioner for blondes and grey tones.

The Blue Malva by AVEDA is a very popular pure plant color shampoo and conditioner that enriches blondes and adds a silvery sheen to grey hair and helps brighten while also eliminating brassy tones on chemically treated hair. Blue malva is great for all shades and is most popular among blondes.

Blue Malva Shampoo

  • Has a 5 star rating on AVEDA.com and 4 star rating on Amazon.com
  • Enhances blonde and grey tones
  • Neutralizes brassiness
  • Comes in liter bottle only
  • Retails for $31.50 @ AVEDA.com

Blue Malva Color Conditioner

aveda blue malva conditioner

  • Neutralizes brassy tones in all shades
  • Adds silvery brightness in grey hair
  • Deep conditioning
  • Good for all hair shades
  • Lightweight and manageable results
  • Comes in 8.5 oz bottle
  • Retails for $18 @ AVEDA.com

 AVEDA Blue Malva Reviews & Testimonials

  • My gray hair needed a boost and this product did the trick. I love the blue malva because adds shine and vivid brightness to my silver highlights – Pat
  • The blue malva shampoo and conditioner really brighten my hair and keeps the brassy tone out. It does just what it says and i couldnt be happier. Sometimes with white hair you have a yellow tone (brassy) but not with this product – Kim
  • A blondes best friend! I love this organic product mainly because it is all natural and helps keep the brassy tone out. I have used several color shampoos and conditioners on the market and none of them compare to aveda. It leaves my hair soft, manageable and very shiny. I absolutely love this product line, go aveda! – JT