AVEDA Black Malva Shampoo & Color Conditioner Review

aveda black malva conditioner

Black Malva by AVEDA is one of the biggest sellers in the line of AVEDA products. This color enriched shampoo and conditioner is designed to enrich brown and black color hair tones while getting rid of brassy red tones.  It gets a 5 star rating on AVEDA.com and Amazon.com gives it an average of 4 stars.

Not to be confused with Blue Malva which is for blonde/grey tones.

Black Malva shampoo 

  • Gentle cleanser for hair and scalp
  • Contains Black tea
  • Emollient rich black malva
  • Organically grown aloe
  • Only comes in liter size
  • Retails for $31.50 @ AVEDA.com
Black Malva Conditioner
  • Helps add moisture to the hair
  • Black tea helps make the scalp more pure
  • Infuses dark hair (brunette) while minimizing red tones
  • Comes in 8.5oz bottle
  • Retails for $18 @ AVEDA.com

aveda black malva shampoo

What We Like

Black Malva softens the hair and gives that dark shine that most brunettes crave. We love the way it resurrects dark hair and helps maintain a longer lasting color application. The boost it gives even natural brunettes is wonderful. All of our dark headed AVEDA absolutely love this product and say they can’t live without it.

When it makes our customers happy then we are happy 🙂

Black Malva has a great smell and while it is of course “very black” out of the bottle at first glance you think oh no this will turn my hair completely black but it won’t. However it is not recommended for blondes :).

Black Malva Reviews/Testimonials

  • I absolutely cannot live without my black malva shampoo and conditioner. It helps keep my roots darker and give my hair that much needed shine boost. You can boost your natural color or maintain your permanent color application. I highly recommend this to all brunettes – Shana
  • My hair color appointments are about 6 weeks apart but permanent color starts to fade after a couple of weeks. With black malva conditioner I can now maintain a good looking dark shine till my next color appointment. Thank You AVEDA! – Cheryl
  • Aveda does it again with a color shampoo and conditioner that defies the odds. Black malva is my savior and I use it every other day. I love the shine it gives and leaves my hair radiant. My husband even said wow! That is saying something cuz he never notices. – Jimmi


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