Protect Your Hair This Summer With AVEDA Sun Care

aveda sun care products

Summer time is all about vacations, sun bathing and relaxing in the pool. Every year we put our hair to the test by letting the UV rays penetrate it and the chlorine attack it on a weekly basis. All that good money you spend to have your hair highlighted or colored could last a lot longer if you would take care of your hair with the right hair care products when you are in a pool or in the sun for extended periods of time.

We all want the most vitamin D possible as it is good for our bodies but protecting our skin and hair is a must. This versatile line of sun care products from AVEDA offers protection from the elements and will clean, restore and protect hair and body in a 3 part defense and recovery system available at Creative Images Salon.

aveda sun care products

Sun Care Hair & Body Cleanser

This cleanser is not only color safe for your hair but it can keep moisture in the hair via coconut oil and safely remove product build up, chlorine as and salt deposited from pools and hot tubs via a corn-derived chelator. Use this cleanser on your body as well for a moisturizing double threat in the shower.

  • Best used daily when hair is exposed to salt, chlorine and extended periods of sun
  • 8.5oz
  • Retails for $21

Sun Care Protective Hair Hair Veil

Think of it as sunscreen for your hair! This sun protecting masque from AVEDA is a water resistant, UVA/UVB defending mist that will protect your hair for up to 16 hours while simultaneously reducing color fade, damage and drying out. Ingredients include cinnamon bark oils to protect from sun damage. Organic shea butter for conditioning properties and a blend of antioxidants that include green tea extract and vitamin E for protection against free radicals.

  • Best used by spraying on damp hair prior to sunbathing or swimming. Reapply after swimming
  • 3.4 oz spray
  • Retails for $26

Sun Care After-Sun Hair Masque

The after sun hair masque is a cream that helps moisturize and defend against free radicals and adds protein to restore weakened hair follicles. Also contains conditioning minerals and free radical anti oxidant protectors.

  • Best used after exposed to sun & chlorine after shampooing with hair and body cleanser
  • 4.2oz
  • Retails for $26




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