New AVEDA Pure Abundance Style-Prep, Natures Boost For Fine Hair

aveda pure abundance style prep

aveda pure abundance style prep

AVEDA has just released it’s newest product out of the popular Pure Abundance line of products called Pure Abundance Style-Prep. It is natures boost for fine hair and aimed at maximizing volume because after all isn’t that we ladies want the most? People with fine hair wish most they had thick fuller looking hair without product overload. This fine mist product helps refresh volume on those days you skip shampooing without adding any weight.

What’s In It

A botanical blend of fruit, rice, bran, acai oil acacia gum and organic aloe makeup the ingredients in this revolutionary product. The volume boosting natural corn-derived polymer it contains helps with fine, limp hair strands that fall easily to give them body and long lasting fullness all day long.


How It Works

After you cleanse and protect the hair with Pure abundance volumizing shampoo and volumizing clay conditioner infuses hair with weightless volume all day long. The weightless conditioner detangles and helps prevent breakage from combing. This allows you better styling and volume that lasts a long time.

Directions For Effortless Volume Guaranteed

  • Comb wet hair using a wide tooth comb, then spray on pure abundance style-prep
  • During blow drying, give hair some direction by holding it in your hands till about 50% dry
  • Puff pure abundance hair potion at the roots then massage to activate product
  • Finger style the hair and finish it off with pure abundance volumizing hair spray for tousled look


  • Thickens strands
  • Volume booster for all day fullness
  • Weightless conditioners prevent breaking from heavy combing
  • Refresh volume on non shampoo days
  • Retails for $24 (3.4oz) @¬†

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