Keratin Treatment vs Brazilian Blowout, You Decide

Hair smoothing is all the rage these days and all over the news for some companies but with so many products out there how do you know which one is the best for you? The two most popular options are a Keratin treatment or Brazilian Blowout treatment. Most people think the BB is a keratin treatment when in fact it is merely a smoothing treatment.

Let’s take a look at the two and see list the pros and cons to both products and their respective claims.

Keratin Straightening Treatment

Keratin hair treatments are essentially a replenishment of broken down hair cuticle that is in need of repair. Your hair is made up of protein molecules (keratin) and when the hair gets frizzy it is either damaged, cracked or dry. Keratin based treatments help fill that gap which smooths out the hair and gives the appearance of a healthy head of hair.

  • With this process you start by shampooing the hair with a non-residue shampoo 2-3 times.
  • After a towel dry and then a complete blow dry the solution is applied to sections of the hair and a cap is worn for up to 30 minutes to let the product penetrate the hair shaft.
  • After it is blown dry completely it is flat ironed at around 450 degrees and that is how you leave with the product still in your hair but dry.  Note: stylists will use a lower temp for very dry or damaged (over processed) hair
  • After 3 day’s you are instructed to shampoo the hair and not engage in any kind pony tail, hair tie or moisture prone activity that would leave an indention in the hair.
  • Hair color prior to treatment or two weeks after is permissable
  • Total time in the salon 3-4 hours (plus shampoo it out 3 days later)
  • Avg price $350
  • How long it lasts: 2-3 months
  • Gets it’s protein from sheeps wool
keratin complex shampoo
  • Smooths out the hair
  • Leaves it manageable and healthy
  • Lasts 2 months (avg)
  • Price is high (avg $350)
  • In salon time is too long
  • Down time – Can’t shampoo for 3 days
  • Product stays in hair after leaving the salon

Brazilian Blowout Professional Smoothing Treatment

BB is a treatment performed in about 90 minutes and the result can last 3 months if BB acai aftercare products are used. The process is similar to keratin except when you leave the salon your hair is dry and you can shampoo the very same day. It is preferred that you color your hair prior to BB so the treatment can “seal in the hair” which makes it last longer.

  • The Brazilian Blowout starts off by shampooing the hair with BB sulfate free shampoo and towel dried
  • The Acai solution is applied to sections of the hair
  • It is then blow dried completely and flat ironed at around 450 degrees (same as keratin)
  • Then the product is rinsed out and a conditioning masque is applied
  • You will then be blown dry and on your way to shiny frizz free hair
  • Hair coloring is recommended day of or just prior to treatment as it seals in the hair color making it last longer
  • Required to use sulfate free hair care products (shampoo, cond etc…)
  • Total time in the salon 2 hours
  • Avg price $250
  • How long it lasts: 3-4 months
  • BB protein is derived from amino acids
brazilian blowout acai smoothing solution
  • Smooths hair and leaves hair healthier
  • Usually takes 1.5 hrs (90 minutes)
  • Lasts avg 3 months
  • Can shampoo hair immediately
  • Cheaper than keratin smoothing treatments (avg $250)
  • BB has a new ZERO formula that is completely Formaldehyde Free!


  • Original formula contains trace amounts of formaldehyde (BB ZERO does not)
  • Their line of Acai products are highly recommended
  • Not every salon performs or carries it (have to be certified)

At Creative Images we don’t perform Keratin treatments because we don’t like the result and it is simply not as effective at smoothing out the hair. The process takes much longer and clients continually complain about the length of time before they can shampoo (3 days).

With Brazilian Blowout the results speak for themselves and we have had ZERO complaints about it’s effectiveness and proven record for smoothing and creating healthy frizz free hair.

We have been performing this service on customers for the past 2.5 years and continue to be amazed at it’s results. The formaldehyde “original” version does last longer than the ZERO formula but BB has just come out with ZERO+ which is supposed to be the equivalent of the formaldehyde laden version minus the formaldehyde. We shall see!

Call now or stop by for a free consultation! If your worried about the formaldehyde ask for Brazilian Blowout ZERO+ 423-877-1128

Warning: These are smoothing products OSHA has said contain some form of formaldehyde whether they state it or not:

Brazilian Blowout Acai Professional Smoothing Formula


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 Acai Therapy


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