Pro Silk Hair Tinsel Extensions By Hair Flairs To Give Your Hair That Shimmering Bling

Pro hair tinsel

Are you afraid to highlight your hair? Would you like some extra flare in your hair for the holiday party season? This thing called “bling for your hair” is called hair tinsel and it is all the rage for children and adults of all ages. Celebrities are also jumping on the bandwagon so why should’t you? It’s easy and %100 safe for all hair types. No clamping or crimping (hair feathers) and no glueing (hair extensions). Just a simple “sailors knot” like tie on a strand of your hair and your out the door happy and worry free.

Pro hair tinsel
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What is hair tinsel?

  • It is a temporary extension that “ties in” to the hair lasting 2 – 8 weeks.
  • Professional Quality Sparkling Silk Hair Tinsel is designed and tested by stylists
  • Thin,lightweight and narrow Pro Hair Tinsel feels soft and silky like actual hair
  • Made from 100% high-grade, heat-resistant polyester fiber
  • Shampoo, blow-dry, style, even flat-iron!
  • 100% Made in the USA, safe, and non-toxic
  • No loose strands
  • 20 sparkling colors to choose from

Tinsel hair strands last up to 8 weeks depending on your hair care!

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Will Hair Flairs Pro Hair Tinsel Damage My Hair?

Absolutely not! It ties into the hair via a slip knot which equals NO DAMAGE TO THE HAIR!

hair tinsel hair extensions are ideal for all age groups from kids to older adults. We have put them in people of all age groups.

They will not damage your hair, hair color or highlighting processing.

Everyone loses on average up to 100 hairs daily so the odds of losing hair tinsel are good over an extended period as you naturally shed.

Pro hair tinsel bling
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Will Pro Hair Tinsel Melt Using A Flat Iron?

Yes but only if you leave a flat iron on too long at high settings (above 400 degrees). Keep the iron moving at all times for silk hair tinsel as well as regular hair to avoid damage. Pro hair tinsel is guaranteed up to 400 degrees with normal styling tools.
TIP: If you flat iron normally at no hotter than 400 degrees you will have no issues.

Can My Silk Hair Tinsel Be Colored/Bleached/Highlighted?

No you should avoid any contact with any hair color, highlighting or dye of any kind as it will damage the color of the product. The harsh chemicals in bleach and other dyes can strip the color out of the tinsel hair products.

However, your stylist can easily color around tinsel for hair. We have done this with great success!

To learn more about pro hair tinsel you can visit their website Click Here

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