ColorMe Professional Temporary Hair Color

Wanna accessorize your hair? Why not add the perfect “fun night out” strip of intense color or “vivid highlights” in the comfort of your own home in a matter of seconds with……..¬†ColorMe professional Temporary Hair Mascara Color.

colorme professional temporary hair color
colorme professional temp hair color $12

This revolutionary product gives you exactly what you want when you want it without the harsh application of color processing.

  • This product is absolutely %100 safe for your hair
  • It washes out after a couple of shampoos
  • Will not bleed when shampooed nor will it turn a different colors
  • After it dries it will not stain anything it touches


  • Separate and section off the hair you want highlighted/colored. We recommend you use gloves to prevent the color from staining your fingers. However it will come off with a couple of washes.
  • Apply Colorme liberally on the section of hair and blow dry (approx 2 min)¬† to set the color.
  • Brush through the hair after blow dry to ensure the hair is soft and natural feeling
  • Once Colorme hair color is dried it is safe to touch...will not bleed off onto anything
  • Hot tools such as flat irons are safe to use although they may increase the amount of washing necessary to remove hair mascara.


  • Simply shampoo it off…..thats it!
  • For processed hair or light hair color it may take several shampoos to remove the color. Again the color WILL NOT BLEED while shampooing not will it change colors or do any damage or dye the hair.
NOTE: Chlorine will strip this color off immediately so if you want it to last dont get in the pool
COST Р$12 per tube will last approx 5 applications 
Choose from these 6 fun colors!
Blue Escape Blue Escape Swatch ColorMe BLUE ESCAPE Red Rush Red Rush Swatch ColorMe RED RUSH
Fuschia Phenom Fuschia Phenom Swatch ColorMe FUSCHIA PHENOM Lime Lascivious Lime Lascivious Swatch ColorMe LIME LACIVIOUS
Violet Desire Violet Desire Swatch ColorMe VIOLET DESIRE Teal Virtue Teal Virtue Swatch ColorMe TEAL VIRTUE

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