AVEDA Scalp Benefits Balancing Shampoo & Conditioner

aveda scalp benefits shampoo

aveda scalp benefits shampoo

When it comes to having a healthy head of hair it all starts with a healthy clean scalp. If your scalp is in really good shape and maintained then your hair will follow suit. One way AVEDA has made this easy for their customers it a product line called Scalp Benefits. Scalp Benefits by AVEDA is one of the most popular products AVEDA has to offer.

AVEDA Scalp Benefits balancing shampoo and conditioner for scalp maintenance by removing sebum, product buildup and cleaning down to the root. The products come in 8.5 oz and liter sizes and has 4.5 stars on AVEDA.com and Amazon.com.

Scalp Benefits Balancing Shampoo

  • Nourishes and helps balance hair and scalp
  • Creates a healthy foundation for hair growth
  • Removes sebum and product buildup
  • Comes in 8.5 oz and Liters
  • Retails for $15.50 or $46 @ AVEDA.com

aveda scalp benefits conditioner

Scalp Benefits Balancing Conditioner

  • Daily nourishing conditioner to maintain healthy scalp
  • Hydrates the hair
  • Soothing to the scalp
  • Creates the optimum foundation for healthy scalp
  • Comes in 6.7oz or Liters
  • Retails for  $15.50 or $58.00 @ AVEDA.com

Dandruff Protection

For added scalp maintenance and a solution to dandruff try AVEDA Scalp Remedy. Scalp Remedy is a leave in treatment that helps reduce dandruff flaking and itching.

  • Reduces flaking by as much as 42%
  • Healthy scalp promotion
  • Exfoliating salicylic acid
  • Sugar beet extract, rosemary and sage soothe the scalp
  • 4.2oz Retails for $26 @ AVEDA.com

Scalp Benefits Reviews and Testimonials

  • I have been battling itchy scalp for months and nothing worked. I saw an ad for scalp remedy and voila! My scalp quit itching within days of first useDan
  • I used to have red bumps all over my scalp until i tried scalp benefits shampoo. Now I have a healthy clean scalp with no bumps or itch – Jenny
  • This product line helped my red itchy scalp dramatically – Kim

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