Why Choosing Aveda Hair Care Products Is The Smart Choice

Many people want health and beauty products that make them look good without having negative effects on their health. Aveda hair care products are popular because of the high quality and organice nature of their ingredients. They can make your hair look and feel great without damaging your hair in the process. Here is a closer look at their hair care products as well as information on why holistic health and beauty care is so important.

Sodium Sulfate

There are many ingredients in cheap hair products that can cause health problems. One of the most common is sodium laureth sulphate. This is added to many soaps, shampoos and cleansers to make it foam more and work up a bigger lather. It can also cause skin irritation and other health issues. Knowing what goes into your hair products can be the best way for you to keep your mane in top condition. At Creative Images that is exactly what you will get, a knowledgeable staff that knows what your hair wants and needs.


The Aveda Company has always based its products on botanical ingredients rather than chemicals and additives. They have been making their naturally based hair care products since 1978. It was then that they introduced their first hair product. Clove shampoo and Cherry Almond Bark conditioner were introduced to the public as part of the first hair care line from the company.

Hair Type

You need to keep in mind what type of hair you have. Different hair types have different needs because the very structure of the hair strand is different from type to type. This may be due to ethnic differences or because of the natural texture of the hair. Some hair may be drier and others might have problems with excess oil. Learning the exact needs of your hair is critical to finding the most effective products and Creative Images Hair Raisers will help you find that perfect product.

Getting The Right Product

You may want to look for specific products for certain hair types. Some of the Aveda hair care lines are specifically designed for fine hair and hair which is curly or frizzy. They also have a hair care line that is designed for the special needs of color treated hair. The products you use need to avoid stripping the color from the hair so that the coloring treatment can last longer. Because all hair color involves chemical treatments, extra conditioning can be ideal to counter the effects of these chemicals and keep your hair in top condition.

AVEDA Product Line

There are many different hair care items available, including shampoos, conditioners, moisturizing masques and restructuring treatments. They also have a series of different styling products that also use high quality natural ingredients to give you the look that you want. Whether it is styling gel, straightening products or sculpting waxes, the Aveda line can improve the health of your hair even while giving it the style and texture you want.

Where To Shop

There are different ways to find Aveda hair products. There are salons and spas which offer the various lines of products which also include cleansers, make up and perfumes for both men and women. Because the company believes in the use of natural, botanical ingredients and maintains high manufacturing standards the products they make can be priced somewhat higher than many others. However when you consider that you are protecting your health and the environment you may feel that the higher cost is worth it.


You can also find Aveda shampoos, conditioners and styling products on the Internet as well. There can be great deals but you want to be careful about where you are purchasing the products to make sure they are genuine. The Aveda website can be a great place to shop and there are often sales to be found there.

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