Are You Having An Old Hair Day?

As women age we tend to stress about it among other things in life. Are my crows feet that noticeable? Do the wrinkles on my neck scream grandma? Can you park a car in my forehead wrinkles?

Beauty companies are now adding another stress inducer to the group: Is my hair looking old?

Anti-Aging products are flooding the market in places like Salons, drug stores and even grocery stores now. Major brands have been launched like L’Oreal Paris Advanced Haircare, Procter & Gamble’s Pantene AgeDefy and Unilevers Nexxus Youth Renewal.

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All of them are aiming their sites at the age of 40 to tackle the signs of aging hair in women. While many are claiming to add volume to hair others are looking to tame unruly texture, frizz and even the dreaded gray.

Shampoo, Conditioner and top brands like Aveda’s Invati Scalp Revitalizer ($60) offer treatments. One such brand addressing all ages of unruly hair is the controversial Brazilian Blowout line which addresses dry, frizzy and damaged looking hair.

The simple fact of the matter is our hair changes as we age, there is no way around that. The body goes through hormonal changes and imbalances as well as environmental factors and thus our hair becomes more dry, brittle and gray. Hair also gets thinner and less full looking due to a decreasing number of available hair follicles.

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Late Teens – Early 20’s

This is the healthiest your hair will ever be and in it’s most natural state.

The Bad look – Hair is oily and likely due to overactive sebaceous glands. Shampooing on a daily basis is probably the best cure unless you have really dry frizzy hair.

The Good look – An Omega oil and healthy protein rich diet plays a huge role in keeping hair healthy, shiny and vibrant.

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30’s – 40’s

In your thirties you often start to notice the gray hairs that we all hate. Hair may look thinner and thus makes for a depressing reality that we are not 21 anymore.

The Bad Look – Daily use of hot tools like the very popular flat iron can punish hair. Aggressive brushing while hair is dry and tangled can be detrimental to the hair shaft. Over processing of chemicals (color,foiling) can also make hair visibly dry, frizzy and damaged.

The Good Look – Use of moisturizing hair products can go along way in keeping hair looking soft, smooth and healthy. Supplements like biotin, Vitamins A, C and E are also good for the hair. Limit your use of hot tools on a weekly basis and opt for a semi air dry look.

Note: Brands like Brazilian Blowout and Aveda offer excellent styling products to combat hot tools.

brazilian blowout split end treatment
Brazilian Blowout Treatment Benefits

Age 50 and Older

Years environmental and personal stresses are taking it’s toll on your mane. Hair is more fragile apt to break in the presence of UV light.

The Bad Look – Hormonal changes offer detrimental appearances to the hair texture and density.

The Good Look – As hair gets older it is good to cut it more often, at least 5-6 weeks even if it is just a slight trim. Every couple of months is usually sufficient for younger adults.

Opt for hair care products that have moisturizing properties. Most over the counter products at drug stores and grocery stores are going to do just the opposite. The age old adage “you get what you pay for” really applies here.


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